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Center for Machine Learning and Health at Carnegie Mellon University

The Center for Machine Learning and Health (CMLH) at Carnegie Mellon University is one of two centers launched under the umbrella of the Pittsburgh Health Data Alliance, formed in 2015 to unite Carnegie Mellon's unrivaled applied-computing capabilities, the University of Pittsburgh's world-class health-sciences research, and UPMC's clinical care and commercialization expertise. The CMLH supports great science and engineering that can lead to innovative health solutions and new businesses.

Driving Healthcare Innovation - Unprecedented resources through the Center for Machine Learning and Health have the potential to turn Carnegie Mellon's novel, interdisciplinary research and innovation into data-driven health solutions that matter.

Fellowships in Digital Health

Eight graduate students have been awarded one-year fellowships by UPMC Enterprises through the Center for Machine Learning and Health, beginning in fall 2019.  Check out our 2019 Fellows page to read more about the new recipients. (Learn about last year's fellows on our 2017 and 2018 Fellows pages.)

Project Funding

From bench to bedside, the CMLH funds projects that strive to bridge the gap between research and practice. All funded work at CMLH will have a clear line of sight to commercial application. Although many CMLH projects will involve data analytics and machine learning, our approach is technology agnostic. We welcome proposals that involve human-computer interaction, language technologies, information systems, computer graphics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics, electrical engineering, economics, psychology, sociology, public policy, business administration, law, design, and any other disciplines that apply to healthcare.

Funding is available at two levels — awards for early-stage research projects and multiyear awards for follow-on projects that have demonstrated clear commercial potential.

In addition to offering funding, CMLH provides support for funded projects in the form of datasets, access to patients and doctors for empirical validation of new concepts, and entrepreneurial mentorship.

News and Information

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Contact the CMLH at cmlh@cs.cmu.edu or 412-268-6288.