CMU/Pitt Libraries Webinar: Publishing with IEEE

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How to publish a technical paper with IEEE

This webinar focuses on how to publish a technical paper with IEEE. The presenter, Tiffany McKerahan, IEEE Manager, Author Engagement & Support, will provide guidance on everything from how the IEEE publishing process works to submitting a manuscript and time-saving techniques for authors.  Attendees will learn:

  • Strategies to select an appropriate IEEE periodical or conference
  • How successful IEEE authors structure quality work to improve their chances of being accepted
  • Insights into what editors look for in a submission and why editors and reviewers reject papers
  • Tools & resources to help authors through the publishing process including IEEE's Author Center, Publication  Recommender, Graphics Checker, and Reference Preparation Assistant

Tiffany McKerahan, IEEE Manager, Author Engagement & Support, has been active in scientific journal publishing for 15 years.  In her current role as IEEE's Manager of Author Engagement & Support, she focuses on the development and implementation of author tools, processes, procedures, and communications intended to support IEEE authors.  Throughout her career, Tiffany has focused on improving the publishing experience for the author and outreaching to the scientific community through initiatives such as author workshops, reviewer mentorship programs, and the co-authorship of publishing ethics guidelines.  Tiffany has served on industry committees and working groups at the American Association of Publishers and the National Information Standards Organization.


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