LEONARDO DRS LABS: Tech Talk (PhD/Postdoc)

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  • Virtual Presentation
  • MATTIA: Vice President, Business Operations and Technology Collaboration, Corporate Operations
  • MARC: Senior Director, Systems Engineering and Advance System Technologies
  • Leonardo Labs
Career Presentation

Join Leonardo DRS virtually to learn about Leonardo AI Labs and the career opportunities within this innovative, forward-thinking project.

  • MATTIA CAVANNA — Vice President Business Operations and Technology Collaboration, Corporate Operations
  • MARC LOPEZ — Senior Director, Systems Engineering and Advance System Technologies, Leonardo Labs, Cypress, CA

During this talk, you will also learn about research at Leonardo Labs.

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 About the Speakers

→  Mattia has twenty years of experience working for global companies in Aerospace, Defense, Security, Energy, and Management consulting sectors. Engineer by training, Mattia covered managerial roles in Italy, UK and USA, with key competences in strategic planning, business development and innovation management.  Since 2014 Mattia works for Leonardo DRS, the 2.5B$ US Proxy Company working on technology programs with the US Department of Defense.  His current role of  Vice President for Business Operations and Technology Collaboration is to identify and shape business opportunities in the United States and internationally. In his current position, Mattia also oversees Leonardo DRS’ Innovation program, promoting disruptive technologies and new approaches to products and markets, through direct investments, customer funded research and partnerships with Industry, Academia and R&D Centers.
Between 2010 and 2014 Mattia was Vice President of New Business Initiatives within Leonardo Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Innovation Department in Rome. He previously covered the role of Director in Leonardo Global Services.  Before joining Leonardo Mattia worked eight years for the business consulting firm Accenture (1997-04) involved in major strategic change programs for market leading companies.  He also worked in the United Kingdom for HR Wallingford Ltd as Project Engineer. He graduated at Milan Engineering Polytechnic School in 1996, his scientific background and business skills in innovation took him to participate in research and dissemination initiatives of the ASPEN Institute (2004 Aspen Junior Fellow), the World Energy Council, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, Scuola Superiore di Polizia di Stato and the Major’s Office in Rome. In 2008 he was selected for the German Marshall Memorial Fellowship Program and in 2009 took part to the Young Leaders Program promoted by the Council for the United States and Italy. In 2013 he was awarded the Leonardo Group Innovation Award and became Visiting Scholar at Columbia University Center for Computational Learning Systems in NYC. In 2014 he designed the innovative Pompeii Archeological site Conservation Program, a one-of-its-kind Technological Partnership between Leonardo and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

→ MARC  is the Senior Director for Systems Engineering and Advanced System Technologies.  He is currently working on internal developments in the areas of Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning (AI-ML) and Quantum Imaging and Quantum Weak Value Amplification technologies. He is currently the Chief Scientist for the Leonardo DRS AI-ML Labs, an international research center established by Leonardo.  His previous assignments at DRS include System Engineer, Project Engineer, and Senior Director of Systems Engineering. Marc has worked on a broad range of programs in his career from tactical systems such as Mast Mounted Sight to strategic systems such as the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) High.   Marc holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from California State University. He received the Defense Acquisition Innovation Award in 1997 for his work with DOD on advance systems Implementations. He holds eight US patents in the fields of high bandwidth radiometry, solid- state laser systems, frequency comb based hyperspectral imaging and automated systems.

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