SCS Distinguished Lecture

  • Gates Hillman Centers
  • Rashid Auditorium 4401
  • Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist
  • Durham University, England
  • and Author, "Saving Bletchley Park
SCS Distinguished Lectures

 Dr. Sue Black is a computer scientist and self-professed evangelist for computing. She is the recipient of numerous awards including being appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services to technology in 2016, and from the USA she received the Anita Borg Social Impact Abie Award for making a positive impact on women, technology, and society. In 2011, Black won the PepsiCo Women's Inspiration Award. In 2009, Black was presented the first John Ivinson Award  from the British Computer Society at the Royal Society in London.

Dr. Black is a leader for gender parity in computing in the United Kingdom. Among her many efforts she started #techmums, a program that offers mothers free training workshops in digital security, social media, and programming with the aim of building confidence and expanding opportunities for women with litle exposure to computing. She is also founder of the British Computer Society’s Specialist Group BCSWomen.

Dr. Black is perhaps most well-known for initiating -- and succeeding -- in Saving Bletchley Park, the site of world war 11 codebreaking. Her book, and her work at Bletchlely Park included the oral history project conducted to capture the memories of the women who worked there. She is the subject of numerous radio and television shows, press articles, and YouTube videos. Dr. Black tempers her optimism for the future of women in computing but notes “if we don’t have women involved, if we don’t have diversity at the heart of what we’re doing, I think we’re creating a world which is not a world that I want to see.”

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