Computing for Good: Presentations and Demos

  • Newell-Simon Hall
  • Kiesler-Kraut Commons, 3rd floor
Project Presentations

Please join in for the final project presentations and demos by the students in Computing for Good and learn about their work on social good solutions including:

  • A risk prediction tool for marginal farmers in India
  • Matching in need populations with online education institutions
  • Identifying illegal mining sites in conservation areas from satellite imagery and analyzing their dynamics with deep learning
  • Helping the irrigation process in Africa with an AR tool
  • Enabling high-throughput catalyst design for renewable energy
  • Agromovil – an app platform to sustainably reduce post-harvest loss in the developing world
  • A community walking app for West Homestead

Course Faculty: Anind Dey, Afsaneh Doryab

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