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  • Director, Performance Measurement & Analysis
  • Internet of Things Group (IoTG)
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Career Presentation

Internet of Things: The transformation to a smart and connected world

Please join in for a presentation by Byron Gillespie, Intel Director, Performance Measurement & Analysis Internet of Things Group (IoTG). Byron is the Director of all things performance measurement based within the Internet of Things Group at Intel, he will be joined by several colleagues from different groups within intel such as the Integrated IP and Technology group, the Venture group, and the Technology Manufacturing group.  These representatives will be available to mingle and talk after the IoT discussion.

Prior to joining Intel, Byron spent eight years at Sperry Avionics developing firmware for embedded avionics applications using a variety of Intel processors including the Intel 8086, 80186 and superscalar i960 CA microprocessors. Over time, he migrated to role focusing on hardware/software architecture for avionics systems.

In 1991, Byron joined Intel as one of the lead silicon architects to deliver future versions of Intel(r) i960(r) processor family. As the i960 microprocessor architect, Byron defined four different i960 microprocessors with an emphasis on architecting the I/O blocks to create a system-on-a-chip (SOC) solution targeted for intelligent I/O applications, specifically I/O processors for high end RAID storage systems.

Byron's current charter is the director of the Performance Measurement and Analysis organization in the Intelligent Systems Group (ISG). Byron provides leadership for two engineering teams located in Chandler Arizona and Penang Malaysia, focusing of performance testing of the various embedded processors from Intel which includes Atom processors, Mobile, Desktop and Server class of processing solutions from Intel. As part of this effort, Byron's team focuses on performance testing and analysis of embedded workloads using Intel's current generation processors and to identify micro-architectural enhancements for Intel's future processors around both the next generation cores and I/O blocks.

Byron is also the director of Academia Programs focused on enhancing curriculum at universities worldwide using the embedded Atom Processor technology. This effort is directed to working with Academia to prepare the next generation workforce with an education background using the current and next generation hardware and software technology for embedded applications. Byron holds 15 patents in the area of silicon architecture and graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in computer science in 1983.

Bring your resume and questions, the event is open to BS, MS and PhD students with degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Materials Science, Optics and more.

Food will be served!

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