CMU Pugwash: Education and Creativity


Join us at another joint Summer Pugwash with The Humanist League.

Does our educational system develop or punish creativity?

To Summarize: In 2010 Sir Ken Robinson, the international advisor on education in the arts (Wikipedia),  gave a talk suggesting our current system of education punishes our creative abilities. The consequence of this, according to Robinson, is a complete under utilization of our full potential. This Thursday, we will discuss in another summer Pugwash whether our current educational system helps or hinders our creative abilities. 

Especially at Carnegie Mellon -  a community that praises creative innovation - we must understand if the current educational system has developed our ability to invent, or has crushed it.  In what ways could our current system be improved to help foster out-of-the-box thinking? Or, does Sir Ken Robinson have a ridiculous notion of what creativity is, and our current educational system is effective enough in developing our talents?

Another way our educational system may punish innovation is through legal action, claims Wired columnist April Glaser. In the WIRED article "Students Who Push Tech Boundaries Should Be Encouraged, Not Punished", the author cites examples such as Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard security breach reprimands and the prosecutions against the late Aaron Swartz as examples of university action that hinders innovation (See full article).

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