Software Research Seminar

  • Remote Access - Zoom
  • Virtual Presentation
  • Rohan: Assistant Professor
  • Wode: Ph.D. Student, Ph.D. Program in Software Engineering
  • Institute for Software Research, Carnegie Mellon University

Rohan Padhye - Assistant Professor, Software Engineering
—  How to effectively provide feedback in SSSG - A discussion

One of the expectations of SSSG participation is "giving constructive verbal and written feedback to presenters". What kind of feedback is actually useful to speakers? Are we already giving sufficiently constructive feedback or can we do better? We will hear from a panel of recent speakers and what they found to be the most actionable (or not). If you have given talks / received feedback recently, you are encouraged to reflect on your own experience and participate in the discussion. The goal of this session is to come up with a set of best practices that will hopefully benefit future speakers in this series.


Wode Ni - Ph.D. Student, Ph.D. Program in Software Engineering
—  reCode: Example-driven Interaction for Expressive Find-and-Replace

Program editing to fix bugs, add new features, and improve readability is of central importance to software development. Edits are often inter-related and could therefore benefit from automation, but most grouped edits are done manually. To better un…derstand grouped changes, we conducted a formative interview study (n=7). Our participants regularly need to automating repet♦itive changes, but they often abandon automated tools and do their changes manually due to the obscure syntax of regular expressions and prescriptive functionalities of refactoring tools. To eliminate the barrier of specification while preserving expressiveness, we propose a mixed-initiative user experience for transforming code by example through the familiar find-and-replace interface in IDEs. The results of our user study (n=12) suggest that the example-driven interactive experience is both intuitive to developers and supports their existing workflow.

Zoom Participation. See announcement.

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