LaunchCMU: A Research and Entrepreneurship Showcase

Special Events

Cells, Circuits and Cities

12:30 pm Demo and Poster Session
2:00 -5:00 pm Showcase of Presentations (Reception Following)

Faculty Research

  • Mor Harchol-Balter, Associate Professor of Computer Science
    Dynamic Power Management in Data Centers
  • Jonathan Cagan, George Tallman and Florence Barrett Ladd Professor in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
    Modeling Consumer Emotion
  • Raj Rajkumar (CIT '87, CIT '90), George Westinghouse Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    What Happens When Vehicles Drive Themselves?
  • Aarti Singh, Assistant Professor of Machine Learning
    Unleashing the Potential of Modern Neuroimaging
  • Russell Schwartz, Professor of Biological Sciences and Computational Biology
    Reconstructing Evolution of Tumor Cells by Computer Algorithms
  • Tuomas Sandholm, Professor of Computer Science
    Modern Dynamic Kidney Exchange

Startup Companies 

  • YinzCam - Priya Narasimhan, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    YinzCam: The Ultimate Mobile Fan Experience
  • Surtrac - Greg Barlow (CS '08, CS '11) Project Scientist, Robotics Institute
    Cutting Down on Congestion with Intelligent, Adaptive Traffic Signals
  • Sharp Edge Labs - Marcel Bruchez, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biological Sciences
    Understanding Drugs and Accelerating Therapies
  • PECA Labs - Doug Bernstein (CIT '12) CEO PECA Labs
    Saving the Lives that Industry Ignores
  • ActivAided Orthotics - Kelly Collier (CIT '11) CEO
    ActivAided Orthotics: Restore Posture, Relieve Pain
  • Duolingo - Luis von Ahn (CS '03, CS '05), Associate Professor of Computer Science
    Free Language Education for the World
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