MY-P Series: Joint Master Your Profession / Product Management Seminar

  • Newell-Simon Hall (New Location)
  • 4305`
  • Engineering Manager, Siri
  • Apple
Career Presentation

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Industry (But Were Afraid to Ask) (and you should consider working at Siri)

Ke Yang is an engineering manager at Siri in Apple, where he oversees all the search quality under siri search. Before that he has worked at some startup companies such as houzz and google (the latter became less startupy lately). He has worked on many different areas such as search, ads, sales tools, and machine learning. As one of the early members of google brain project, he worked on the initial version of tensor flow.

Ke received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from CMU in 2004. He did research in many aspects of theory, including quantum information theory, complexity, cryptography, and machine learning. His favorite programming language was LaTeX. His Erdos number is 3. His Jeff Dean number is 1 (assuming one day it will become a thing).

This talk consists of two parts:

  1. Things I learned working at the “industry”. A couple of topics include: why brute force works; does machine learning really work; why should love your product manager (or consider becoming one); why we love Ph.D.s
  2. Apple Siri is hiring! Why this is an exciting place to work.

There will be some presentation and some Q&A.

About the Series:  The SCS Robust Seminar and Product Management Seminars are designed to introduce masters (and interested PhD students) to the breadth of companies in our field, and to help you understand the scope of research in our region and beyond. The talks are designed to provide in depth discussion on both the companies, as well as techniques for evolving as a professional, building real products, and better integrating into the larger business eco-system. Questions are welcomed. These seminar are part of the Master your Profession (MY-P) series.  

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