B.S. in Artificial Intelligence


Degree Requirements

BSAI majors will take courses in math and statistics, computer science, AI, science and engineering, and humanities and arts. There's also room built into the curriculum for academic exploration via electives. Here's how the curriculum breaks down.

  • Math and Statistics Core (6 Courses)

    • Math Foundations of Computer Science (15-151)
      If not available, 21-127: Concepts of Mathematics can be substituted.
    • Integration and Approximation (21-122)
    • Matrices and Linear Transformations (21-241)
    • Calculus in Three Dimensions (21-259)
    • Probability Theory for Computer Scientists (36-218)
    • Modern Regression (36-401)

    Computer Science Core (5 Courses Plus Freshman Immigration Course)

    • Freshman Immigration Course (15-128)
    • Principles of Imperative Computation (15-122)
    • Principles of Functional Programming (15-150)
    • Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms (15-210)
    • Introduction to Computer Systems (15-213)
    • Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science (15-251)

    Artificial Intelligence Core (3 Courses Plus Concepts in Artificial Intelligence)

    • Concepts in Artificial Intelligence (07-180)
    • Introduction to AI: Representation and Problem Solving (15-281)
    • Introduction to Machine Learning (10-315)
    • Take one of the following courses:
      • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (11-411)
      • Introduction to Computer Vision (16-385)

    Ethics Elective (1 Course From the Following)

    • Freshman Seminar: Artificial Intelligence and Humanity (16-161)
    • Ethics and Policy Issues in Computing (17-200)
    • AI, Society and Humanity (80-249)

    Humanities and Arts

    BSAI students take seven courses in the humanities and arts as part of the SCS General Education requirements. Of the seven Humanities and Arts courses in the curriculum, one must be in cognitive science or cognitive psychology. Examples include:

    • Cognitive Psychology (85-211)
    • Human Information Processing and Artificial Intelligence (85-213)
    • Perception (85-370)
    • Human Memory (85-390)
    • Visual Cognition (85-408)
    • Language and Thought (85-421)
  • AI Cluster Electives (4 Courses)

    Take one course from each of the following areas:

    • Decision Making and Robotics Cluster
      • Neural Computation (15-386)
      • Autonomous Agents (15-482)
      • Truth, Justice and Algorithms (15-483)
      • Cognitive Robotics (15-494)
      • Strategic Reasoning for AI (new)
      • Planning Techniques for Robotics (16-350)
      • Mobile Robot Programming Laboratory (16-362)
      • Robot Kinematics and Dynamics (16-384)
    • Machine Learning Cluster
      • Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control (10-403)
      • Intermediate Deep Learning (10-417)
      • Machine Learning for Structured Data (10-418)
      • Machine Learning for Text Mining (11-441)
      • Introduction to Deep Learning (11-485)
      • Advanced Data Analysis (36-402)
    • Perception and Language Cluster
      • Search Engines (11-442)
      • Speech Processing (11-492)
      • Computational Perception (15-387)
      • Computational Photography (15-463)
      • Vision Sensors (16-421)
    • Human-AI Interaction Cluster
      • Design of Artificial Intelligence Products (05-317)
      • Human-AI Interaction (05-318)
      • Designing Human-Centered Systems (05-391)
      • Human-Robot Interaction (16-467)

    SCS Electives

    BSAI students take two electives within the School of Computer Science.

    Science and Engineering

    BSAI students take four courses in science and engineering as part of the SCS General Education requirements.

BSAI Roadmap

Your experience may vary, but this table represents a typical student's progression through the program.

Freshman Year

Fall43 Units
Principles of Imperative Computation15-12210
Integration and Approximation21-12210
Math Foundation of CS15-15110
Interpretation and Argument76-1019
Freshman Immigration15-1281
Spring46 Units
Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science15-25112
Matrices and Linear Transformations21-24110
Calculus in Three Dimensions21-2599
Principles of Functional Programming15-15010
Concepts in AI (Mini)07-1805

Sophomore Year

Fall51-54 Units
AI: Representation and Problem Solving15-28112
Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms15-21012
Choose one:  
 ◦ Probability Theory for Computer Science36-2189
 ◦ Probability and Computing15-35912
Science/Engineering Elective-9
Ethics Elective-9
Spring51 Units
Intro to Machine Learning10-31512
Intro to Computer Systems15-21312
Humanities and Arts Elective-9
Science/Engineering Elective-9
Free Elective-9

Junior Year

Fall48 Units
Choose one:  
 ◦ Computer Vision16-38512
 ◦ Natural Language Processing11-41112
AI Elective-9
Modern Regression36-4019
Humanities and Arts Elective-9
Free Elective-9
Spring45 Units
AI Elective-9
AI Elective-9
Science/Engineering Elective-9
Humanities and Arts Elective-9
Free Elective-9

Senior Year

Fall45 Units
SCS Elective-9
AI Elective-9
Science/Engineering Elective-9
Humanities and Arts Elective-9
Free Elective-9
Spring36 Units
SCS Elective-9
Humanities and Arts Elective-9
Humanities and Arts Elective-9
Free Elective-9

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