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If You're a High School Student

To enroll in the BSAI program, you first need to apply to the School of Computer Science as an undergrad. If you're a high school student interested in applying, check out our Office of Undergraduate Admission for more information. (Make sure you mention your interest in the BSAI program when you write your personal essay.)

If You're an Incoming SCS First-Year Student

Once you're a student in SCS, you can declare the BSAI major at the end of your first year — giving you the chance to take a full year of coursework before you make a decision. Note that only about 35 students from each class can enroll in the major, with about 100 students total in the program, so acceptance into the program isn't guaranteed. (Don't worry! You can still earn a B.S. in computer science,computational biology or human-computer interaction.) Details on how to declare the BSAI major will be available closer to the deadline.

If You're an SCS Sophomore or Junior

You'll have a limited opportunity to transfer into the BSAI program. If you're interested, email us for more information or read our Transfer Guidelines.

Are you an SCS student interested in applying for the BSAI program?

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