CUresult cuCtxPopCurrent ( CUcontext pctx  ) 

Pops the current CUDA context from the CPU thread. The CUDA context must have a usage count of 1. CUDA contexts have a usage count of 1 upon creation; the usage count may be incremented with cuCtxAttach() and decremented with cuCtxDetach().

If successful, cuCtxPopCurrent() passes back the old context handle in *pctx. That context may then be made current to a different CPU thread by calling cuCtxPushCurrent().

Floating contexts may be destroyed by calling cuCtxDestroy().

If a context was current to the CPU thread before cuCtxCreate() or cuCtxPushCurrent() was called, this function makes that context current to the CPU thread again.

pctx - Returned new context handle
Note that this function may also return error codes from previous, asynchronous launches.
See also:
cuCtxAttach, cuCtxCreate, cuCtxDestroy, cuCtxDetach, cuCtxGetApiVersion, cuCtxGetCacheConfig, cuCtxGetDevice, cuCtxGetLimit, cuCtxPushCurrent, cuCtxSetCacheConfig, cuCtxSetLimit, cuCtxSynchronize

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