Context Management
[CUDA Driver API]


CUresult cuCtxAttach (CUcontext *pctx, unsigned int flags)
 Increment a context's usage-count.
CUresult cuCtxCreate (CUcontext *pctx, unsigned int flags, CUdevice dev)
 Create a CUDA context.
CUresult cuCtxDestroy (CUcontext ctx)
 Destroy the current context or a floating CUDA context.
CUresult cuCtxDetach (CUcontext ctx)
 Decrement a context's usage-count.
CUresult cuCtxGetApiVersion (CUcontext ctx, unsigned int *version)
 Gets the context's API version.
CUresult cuCtxGetCacheConfig (CUfunc_cache *pconfig)
 Returns the preferred cache configuration for the current context.
CUresult cuCtxGetDevice (CUdevice *device)
 Returns the device ID for the current context.
CUresult cuCtxGetLimit (size_t *pvalue, CUlimit limit)
 Returns resource limits.
CUresult cuCtxPopCurrent (CUcontext *pctx)
 Pops the current CUDA context from the current CPU thread.
CUresult cuCtxPushCurrent (CUcontext ctx)
 Pushes a floating context on the current CPU thread.
CUresult cuCtxSetCacheConfig (CUfunc_cache config)
 Sets the preferred cache configuration for the current context.
CUresult cuCtxSetLimit (CUlimit limit, size_t value)
 Set resource limits.
CUresult cuCtxSynchronize (void)
 Block for a context's tasks to complete.

Detailed Description

This section describes the context management functions of the low-level CUDA driver application programming interface.

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