Cognitive Robotics Schedule
Spring 2017
Date Lecture Office Hours Project/Assignment Hand-in
Week 1 Mon 1/16 Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday. No classes today.
Wed 1/18 Course overview and introduction to Cozmo. Reading: Ten Big Ideas in Robotics
Fri 1/20 Lab 1: Meet Cozmo!
Week 2 Mon 1/23 Robot software architecture and Python control structure. Read the slides from Beazley's 2009 coroutines lecture. Somehwat dated but still really good.
Wed 1/25 Finite state machines.
Fri 1/27 Lab 2: Odometry Finish Lab 2 for homework.
Week 3 Mon 1/30 More state machines. Intro to particle filters. Try out particle_filter_demo and
Wed 2/1 Particle filters. If you would like to learn more, see these excellent lectures on probabilistic robotics. Can Cozmo do this?
Fri 2/3 Lab 3: Particle filters. Finish Lab 3 for homework. Lab 2 due.
Week 4 Mon 2/6 Kinematics.
Resource: numpy quick start.
Read: Introduction to homogenous transformations and robot kinematics, by Jennifer Kay.
Watch: Denavit-Hartenberg Reference Frame Layout
Wed 2/8 The world map.
Fri 2/10 Lab 4: Kinematics. Finish Lab 4 for homework. Lab 3 due.
Week 5 Mon 2/13 More kinematics, world maps, and SLAM
Videos: BreezySLAM demo by Simon Levy. SLAM A 00 by Claus Brenner.
Wed 2/15 Path planning algorithms.
RRT Animation Gallery.
Videos: A* Search, Tekkotsu hand/eye planner
Fri 2/17 Lab 5: Cozmo's path planner, and Not-SLAM. Finish Lab 5 for homework. Lab 4 due.
Week 6 Mon 2/20 Intro to OpenCV. Browse OpenCV Python Tutorials, specifically on contours.
Wed 2/22 OpenCV part 2: line finding. Try the new CV_Thresh and CV_Hough demos in cozmo_fsm/examples.
Fri 2/24 Lab 6: RRT path planning. Finish Lab 6 for homework. Lab 5 due.
Week 7 Mon 2/27 More on OpenCV:. CV_Contour, CV_GoodFeatyres, CV_OpticalFlow demos.
Wed 3/1 More on particle filters: error ellipses, SLAM. Slides.
Fri 3/3 Lab 7: Particle SLAM. Lab 6 due.
Week 8 Mon 3/6 More Particle SLAM. Intro to matplotlib. Read some matplotlib tutorial info.
Wed 3/8 Lab 8: meet in NSH 3206. Finish Lab 8 for Homework
Fri 3/10 Mid-semester break. No class/lab.
Week 9 Mon 3/13 Spring break: no class.
Wed 3/15 Spring break: no class.
Fri 3/17 Spring break: no class.
Week 10 Mon 3/20 Walls in the world map.
Wed 3/22 Speech recognition and natural language input.
Winograd's SHRDLU system.
Modern version.
Fri 3/24 Lab 9: world map, and speech control.
Week 11 Mon 3/27 Basic manipulation. Visual detection of chips.
Wed 3/29 Manipulation by pushing.
Manipulation with friction.
Fri 3/31 Lab 10: Manipulation. Labs 8 and 9 due.
Week 12 Mon 4/3 Meet in lab.
SDK Examples. Custom markers.
Lab closed from 6pm Mon. until 1pm Wed.
Wed 4/5 Meet in lab.
Intro to the Pilot: P1Test.fsm
Fri 4/7 Lab 11: Robot recognition.

Anki visiting.

Lab 10 due.
Week 13 Mon 4/10 Discussion of Final Projects.
Wed 4/12 Work on final projects.
Fri 4/14 Work on final projects. Lab 11 due.
Week 14 Mon 4/17 Work on final projects.
Wed 4/19 Work on final projects.
Fri 4/21 No lab: Spring Carnival.
Week 15 Mon 4/24 Work on final projects.
Wed 4/26 Work on final projects.
Fri 4/28 Work on final projects.
Week 16 Mon 5/1 Work on final projects.
Wed 5/3 Work on final projects.
Fri 5/5 Public demo of your projects. Final project hand-in due by May 10.
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