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Undergraduate General Education Requirements

Updated December 2020

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All SCS undergraduates dive deep into their particular field of study, but they also must meet general education requirements that provide depth. These requirements give students the chance to learn more about the world from scientific and humanistic points of view — skills our students will need as they solve problems with scientists and engineers, artists, social and cognitive scientists, historians, linguists, economists and business experts. Plus, SCS students will need to communicate effectively and understand the ethical implications of their work. The general education requirements outlined below help our students gain this broad perspective so they can work well in a changing, connected world.

Science and Engineering

All SCS bachelor of science candidates must complete a minimum of 36 units offered by the Mellon College of Science and/or the College of Engineering (CIT).

Computational Biology Majors

Computational biology majors should consult their program's page for specific science and engineering requirements. The required science and engineering courses for computational biology also satisfy the general education requirement for SCS by default.

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction Majors

The artificial intelligence, computer science and human-computer interaction majors require four courses in science and engineering, 9 units or more for each course. At least one course must have a laboratory component, and at least two must be from the same department.

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Humanities and Arts

All SCS bachelor of science candidates must complete a minimum of 63 units offered by the Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences and/or the College of Fine Arts to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Freshman Writing
  • Breadth
  • Humanities and Arts Elective

Students pursuing a bachelor's in Computer Science and Art should consult the general education requirements for that program.

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