Teaching Track Faculty

The teaching track within Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science consists of faculty with a strong passion for and multiyear experience in computer science education. We teach classes in our general area of expertise, ranging from large undergraduate lecture courses to small studio courses, depending on department needs. Some of us enjoy teaching the same course semester after semester, perfecting it at each iteration. Others prefer to rotate through a variety of courses. Still others direct entire degree programs. A typical teaching track faculty member teaches one to two courses, or up to 250 students, during each semester (spring and fall). Teaching over the summer is optional in most departments.

Although teaching is our main responsibility, we all actively engage in other department activities, such as research, outreach, advising, committee work and administration, depending on interest. The teaching track at CMU is a career-oriented path alongside the tenure and research tracks. It has three ranks: assistant teaching professor, associate teaching professor and teaching professor, with an established reappointment and promotion schedule. Appointments are initially for three-year terms; reappointed associate and full teaching professors receive five-year appointments.

In particular, teaching-track faculty are not adjuncts. Teaching-track faculty generally enjoy the same benefits and share the same responsibilities as faculty on other tracks. Some senior teaching-track faculty members have held the following roles at CMU: vice provost, assistant/associate dean, department head, assistant/associate department head and Faculty Senate chair.