Software and Societal Systems Department

Wordmark of the Software and Societal Systems Department

Ph.D. in Societal Computing (SC)

This Ph.D. program in the integrated, innovative discipline of societal computing provides the techniques, theories and research methods to address societal issues and create technologies that impact society. Building on a decade of world-leading research, ISR-SC is shaping a new scientific discipline that is changing the world. Graduates have the knowledge and skills to frame the digital landscape.

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Ph.D. in Software Engineering (SE)

The software engineering Ph.D. program infuses its research agenda with a deep appreciation of the practical issues of developing product-quality software-intensive systems. Activities include experimental prototyping, empirical modeling, codification of experience, formal analysis, creating design/development strategies for modern software, and developing public policy positions. Educational activities are tightly integrated with research and demonstration projects.

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Ph.D. in Software Engineering/Dual Degree Portugal

Our Ph.D. program in software engineering seeks to educate the next generation of high-impact software engineering research, development and educational leaders who will solve the problems associated with building large-scale and critical software systems.

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Program Directors: Nicholas Christin (SC), Christian Kästner (SE)
Program Manager: Connie Herold