Machine Learning Department

Ph.D. in Machine Learning

Machine learning is dedicated to furthering scientific understanding of automated learning and to producing the next generation of tools for data analysis and decision-making based on that understanding. The doctoral program in machine learning trains students to become tomorrow's leaders in this rapidly growing area.

Joint Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Public Policy

The Joint Ph.D. Program in Machine Learning and Public Policy is a new program for students to gain the skills necessary to develop state-of-the-art machine learning technologies and apply these technologies to real-world policy issues.

Joint Ph.D. in Neural Computation and Machine Learning

This Ph.D. program trains students in the application of machine learning to neuroscience by combining core elements of the machine learning Ph.D. program and the Ph.D. in neural computation offered by the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition.

Joint Ph.D. in Statistics and Machine Learning

This joint program prepares students for academic careers in both computer science and statistics departments at top universities. Students in this track will be involved in courses and research from both the Department of Statistics and the Machine Learning Department.

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Program Director: Tom Mitchell
Program Manager: Diane Stidle