Computer Science Department

Ph.D. in Computer Science

Encompassing artificial intelligence, graphics, hardware and software systems, programming languages, security and privacy, and theory, the Computer Science Ph.D. program is the foundation of computer science. Students spend roughly five years immersed in research and coursework honing a body of technical knowledge covering the breadth of the field, as well as a deep understanding of the student's specific area of research. Within this highly collaborative, hands-on research environment exists the opportunity to expand the science and theory of computing, creating the next leaders in academic research, industry and education.

Ph.D. in Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization

This unique interdisciplinary doctoral program in algorithms, combinatorics and optimization draws on Carnegie Mellon's strengths in all three areas. It is sponsored jointly by the Tepper School of Business, the Computer Science Department and the Mathematics Department. The program brings together the study of the mathematical structure of discrete objects and the design and analysis of algorithms in areas such as graph theory, combinatorial optimization, integer programming, polyhedral theory, computational algebra, geometry and number theory.

Ph.D. in Pure and Applied Logic

Offered jointly by the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Philosophy and the Computer Science Department, this interdisciplinary program builds upon Carnegie Mellon's unique strengths in logic and its applications to computer science. A large, internationally recognized group of active faculty, frequent workshops, colloquia, seminar series and excellent computing facilities contribute to an ideal environment for both theoretical and applied research with a particularly strong concentration in foundational aspects of computing.

Ph.D. in Computer Science With Neural Basis of Cognition Certificate

This Ph.D. with additional training certificate is an interdisciplinary graduate-level program in which participants take a set of core courses in cellular, systems, computational and cognitive neuroscience and engage in various activities fostering cross-campus interaction among individuals interested in the neural mechanisms of cognition. It is offered jointly with the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC) and is open to students pursuing doctorates in CNBC-affiliated departments.

Research topics include affective, cognitive, linguistic, perceptual, motor and social systems in both normal and disordered populations, as well as computational neuroscience. The CNBC also promotes the translation of findings from basic research into applications for medicine, education, robotics and artificial intelligence. Students may apply to the certificate program when applying to a CNBC-affiliated doctoral program or at any time after arrival on campus.

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Ph.D. in Computer Science/Dual Degree Portugal

By enrolling in the dual degree Ph.D. Program in Computer Science, students experience the advantages of collaborative research between top-tier research institutions. The program’s high scientific standards serve to educate high-quality researchers, instructors and innovators in the field of computer science.

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Program Director: Karl Crary
Program Manager: Deborah Cavlovich
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