Evaluation of External Courses for Transfer Credit

Before You Submit a Request


The form below allows you to request that a course be considered for transfer to CMU for credit. Before completing the form, you should be aware that:

  • Courses must be approved for transfer credit BEFORE you take them. SCS reserves the right to reject applications for transfer credit for courses taken without preapproval.
  • You must talk with your advisor and keep them informed of your requests. Your advisor will be included in our email to you about transfer courses.
  • You need to use a separate request form for each course you want us to evaluate for transfer credit back to CMU.
  • You must check with your advisor to see if courses taken during a suspension can transfer back to CMU.
  • If you plan to use this course for a minor or additional major, you must also secure approval from that department.
  • We require detailed information about course content before we can evaluate a course.
  • We will notify you via email when your request has been received and also when it is approved or denied.
  • If the course is approved, CMU will give you credit as long as your final grade is an A, B or C from a major college or university; or an A or B from a smaller regional college or community college. The course units or credits transfer to CMU, but not the grade. Grades for transfer courses are not factored into your QPA.

Form Checklist

  • Course dates
  • Institution offering the course
  • Course number, title and credits/units
  • Duration
  • Course description*
  • Most recent course syllabus.* (If this is not available online, contact the instructor for it.)
  • Grading policy
  • Academic integrity policy*
  • Exam proctoring policy if this is an online course*
  • CMU course that matches the course you plan to take

*Indicates a PDF or .docx file is required.