About SCS

Computer Science: It's Happening Here.

Carnegie Mellon has led the world in computer science for more than six decades, and we've always taken the responsibility of this position seriously. We do important work that benefits humanity — we always have and we always will. We perform foundational research and develop revolutionary techniques. We work with our peers across campus to create new fields of intellectual inquiry. We thoughtfully explore the ethics of computation.

SCS embraces a broad view of computer science and houses seven departments offering a wide range of research and educational opportunities: the Computational Biology Department, the Computer Science Department, the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, the Institute for Software Research, the Language Technologies Institute, the Machine Learning Department and the Robotics Institute.

While research is important, we also prize education and the talent we send into the world. To that end, we offer four undergraduate majors, more than 20 master's programs and over 15 doctoral programs that train the next generation of innovators to solve real-world problems and improve how people live and work.

If you're serious about computer science and know that computer science is your passion, you belong in SCS. Because computer science — in its many forms and permutations — is happening here.