[4-9] What Lisp-related discussion groups and mailing lists exist?

Before posting to any discussion group, please read the rest
of this FAQ, to make sure your question isn't already answered. 

Scheme-related mailing lists and newsgroups are listed in the Scheme
FAQ, and AI-related mailing lists and newsgroups are listed in the AI FAQ.
First of all, there are several Lisp-related newsgroups:
   comp.lang.lisp          General Lisp-related discussions.
                           See below for archive information.

   comp.lang.clos          Discussion related to CLOS, PCL, and
                           object-oriented programming in Lisp.
                           Gatewayed to commonloops@cis.ohio-state.edu.
                           (or equivalently, comp.lang.clos@cis.ohio-state.edu)
                           See below for info on the newsgroup's archives.

   comp.org.lisp-users     Discussions related to Association of Lisp Users.
                           Gatewayed to the ALU mailing list. This is an
                           organizational mailing list/newsgroup, not a 
                           technical forum.

   comp.std.lisp           For discussion of emerging standards for
                           the Lisp language, including "de facto" standards.
			   Moderated by Brad Miller <miller@cs.rochester.edu>.
                           Submissions should be sent to 
                           Archived on
                           Gatewayed to a mailing list (send mail to
                           lisp-standards-request@cs.rochester.edu to join).

   comp.lang.lisp.mcl      Discussions related to Macintosh
                           Common Lisp. This newsgroup is gatewayed
                           to the info-mcl@digitool.com
                           mailing list and archived on digitool.com.

   comp.lang.lisp.franz    Discussion of Franz Lisp, a dialect of Lisp.
                           (Note: *not* Franz Inc's Allegro.)

   comp.lang.lisp.x        Discussion of XLISP, a dialect of Lisp, and XScheme.

   comp.sys.xerox          Discussions related to using Medley (name exists
                           for historical reasons, and is likely to change
                           soon). Gatewayed to the info-1100 mailing list.

   comp.sys.ti.explorer	   TI Explorers Lisp machines.

   comp.windows.garnet     Garnet, a Lisp-based GUI.

   comp.ai and subgroups   General AI-related dicusssion.

The newsgroup comp.lang.lisp is archived on 
   ftp.gmd.de:/usenet/comp.lang.lisp/ []
by month, from 1989 onward. Individual files are in rnews
format. (They contain articles prefixed by a header line "#! rnews
<nchars> archive" where <nchars> is the number of characters in the
article following the header. That format is convenient for various
news processing programs (e.g.  relaynews) and is rather easy to
process from a lisp program too.)  A copy of the GMD archives for
comp.lang.lisp is available on cambridge.apple.com:/pub/comp.lang.lisp/.

We list several mailing lists below. In general, to be added to
a mailing list, send mail to the "-request" version of the address.
This avoids flooding the mailing list with annoying and trivial
administrative requests. [To subscribe to info-dylan, or
other mailing lists based at cambridge.apple.com, send a message to
majordomo@cambridge.apple.com with "subscribe <list_name>" in the
message body. Likewise use "unsubscribe <list_name>" to cancel your
subscription and "help" to get help.]

General Lisp Mailing Lists:

   common-lisp@ai.sri.com          Technical discussion of Common Lisp.
   lisp-utilities@cs.cmu.edu       Low volume moderated mailing list
				   associated with the Lisp Utilities 
				   Repository at CMU. (Also known as
   lisp-faq@think.com              A mailing list concerning the contents
                                   of this FAQ posting only.

   alu@freud.arc.nasa.gov	   Forum for use by members (current
                                   and prospective) of the Association
                                   of Lisp Users. It is bidirectionally
                                   gatewayed into the newsgroup
                                   comp.org.lisp-users. This is an
                                   organizational mailing list, 
                                   not a technical forum.

Particular Flavors of Lisp:

   info-mcl@digitool.com           Macintosh Common Lisp. Gatewayed
                                   to the comp.lang.lisp.mcl newsgroup.
   info-mcl-digest@digitool.com    Automatically generated digest format
			           version of the info-mcl mailing list.

   cmucl-bugs@cs.cmu.edu           CMU Common Lisp bug reports

   slug@ai.sri.com                 Symbolics Lisp Users Group
				   Archived on warbucks.ai.sri.com and 

   allegro-cl@cs.berkeley.edu      Franz Allegro Common Lisp

   amiga-lisp@contessa.phone.net   Lisp on the Amiga

   kcl@cli.com                     Kyoto Common Lisp 
                                   Archived in ftp.cli.com:/pub/kcl/kcl-mail-archive
   kcl@rascal.ics.utexas.edu       Forwards to kcl@cli.com.

   lispworks@harlequin.com         LispWorks

   clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de   CLISP
	To subscribe, send mail to listserv@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de
	with "subscribe clisp-list <your full name>" in the message body.
        Use "help" to get a help message back and "unsubscribe clisp-list"
        to remove yourself from the list.

   info-ti-explorer@sumex-aim.stanford.edu  TI Explorer Lisp Machine
   bug-ti-explorer@sumex-aim.stanford.edu  TI Explorer Lisp Machine

   info-1100@cis.ohio-state.edu    Xerox/Envos Lisp machine environment,
                                   InterLisp-D, and Medley. Gatewayed to
                                   the newsgroup comp.sys.xerox. Will be
                                   moving to info-1100@anzus.com.

   franz-friends@cs.berkeley.edu   The Franz Lisp Language.
   franz-composers@cs.berkeley.edu Maintainers of Franz Lisp.

Lisp Windowing Systems:

   cl-windows@ai.sri.com           Common Lisp Window System Discussions.
   bug-clx@expo.lcs.mit.edu        CLX (Common Lisp X Windows)
   clim@bbn.com                    Common Lisp Interface Manager
   clue-review@dsg.csc.ti.com      Common Lisp User-Interface Environment
   express-windows@cs.cmu.edu      Express Windows
   garnet-users@cs.cmu.edu         Garnet (send mail to garnet@cs.cmu.edu
                                   or garnet-request@cs.cmu.edu to be added)
   gina-users@gmd.de               GINA and CLM
   lispworks@harlequin.co.uk       LispWorks 
   winterp@netcom.com		   WINTERP (OSF/Motif Widget INTERPreter)
   yyonx@csrl.aoyama.ac.jp         YYonX

Lisp Object-Oriented Programming:
   CommonLoops@cis.ohio-state.edu  (same as comp.lang.clos@cis.ohio-state.edu)
      Discussion related to CLOS, PCL, and object-oriented programming
      in Lisp.  The name is in honor of the first freely-available
      implementation of CLOS, Xerox PARC's Portable Common Loops, and
      was originally the mailing list for discussing that
      implementation.  Now gatewayed to the comp.lang.clos newsgroup.
      The mailing list is archived on nervous.cis.ohio-state.edu in
      the directory pub/lispusers/commonloops.  
      The CLOS code repository is in pub/lispusers/clos.


           Use of Lisp and Lisp-based systems in statistics. 
	Job offers requiring a knowledge of Lisp. See [1-7].

Electronic Journals:

  Electronic Journal of Functional and Logic Programming (EJFLP)

     EJFLP is a refereed journal that will be distributed for free via e-mail.
     The aim of EJFLP is to create a new medium for research investigating the
     integration of the functional, logic and constraint programming paradigms.

     For instructions on submitting a paper, send an empty mail message with 
	Subject: Help
     You will receive an acknowledgment of your submission within a few hours.

     To subscribe to the journal, send an empty mail message to 
     You will receive an acknowledgment of your subscription within
     a few days. 

     If there are any problems with the mail-server, send mail to

     The editorial board is: Rita Loogen (RWTH Aachen), Herbert Kuchen (RWTH
     Aachen), Michael Hanus (MPI-Saarbruecken), Manuel MT Chakravarty (TU
     Berlin), Martin Koehler (Imperial College London), Yike Guo (Imperial
     College London), Mario Rodriguez-Artalejo (Univ. Madrid), Andy Krall
     (TU Wien), Andy Mueck (LMU Muenchen), Tetsuo Ida (Univ. Tsukuba,
     Japan), Hendrik C.R. Lock (IBM Heidelberg), Andreas Hallmann (Univ.
     Dortmund), Peter Padawitz (Univ. Dortmund), Christoph Brzoska (Univ.
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