[4-10] Where can I get a copy of the ANSI Common Lisp standard? What is ISO Lisp?

As of December 8, 1994, Common Lisp is now an official ANSI Standard:
ANSI X3.226:1994 American National Standard for Programming Language
Common LISP (X3J13).

Copies of the ANSI/X3.226 standard may be purchased from the
   American National Standards Institute
   11 West 42nd Street
   New York, NY 10036
For more information, visit the ANSI home page at http://www.ansi.org/

A web version of the ANSI Common Lisp standard is not available. The
official ANSI standard is available only in hardcopy form.

However, Kent Pitman (kmp@harlequin.com) of Harlequin, Inc. has, with
permission from ANSI and X3, written an HTML document that is based on
ANSI standard for Common Lisp. This version is not a definitive
reference, but is much more practical for most casual browsing.  It is
also cross-referenced against some design documents.  The document is
available for online browsing at
Subject to some legal restrictions, you can download a copy for your
own use and get much better performance.  Visit  
for information on downloading your own copy.  The .tar.gz file is
just a little over 2MB, and unpacks into a set of files that is just
a little over 15MB.

Copies of the TeX sources and Unix-compressed DVI files for the *draft*
version of the standard may be obtained by anonymous FTP from 
   parcftp.xerox.com:/pub/cl/ []
The files corresponding to the second Public Review of Common Lisp are
in the directory /pub/cl/dpANS2/*. These files correspond to draft
14.10, also known as document X3J13/93-102, which was forwarded by
X3J13 to X3 in October, 1993. (The files from the first draft are in
the directory /pub/cl/dpANS1/*.) The draft is about 1500 pages long.
The file Reviewer-Notes.text should be read before ftping the other files.

For more information, write to X3 Secretariat, Attn: Lynn Barra, 1250
Eye Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005-3922, call
202-626-5738, fax 202-638-4922, or send email to x3sec@itic.nw.dc.us.

The international working group on Lisp is ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG16.
Pierre Parquier (parquier@ilog.fr) is the WG16 Convenor.  Kent Pitman
(kmp@harlequin.com) is the International Representative of X3J13 to
WG16 and is also Project Editor for WG16. WG16 is working on the
design of a dialect of Lisp called ISLISP (which is neither a subset
nor a superset of Common Lisp).  A Committee Draft (CD) of the ISLISP
specification has been registered by WG16 as ``CD13816: Information
Technology - Programming languages, their environments and system
software interfaces - Programming language ISLISP.''  The CD, which
WG16 internally refers to as version 15.6, is available by anonymous
FTP from
   ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de:/pub/lisp/islisp/  []
in the directory islisp-15.6/.
The draft has passed its first CD letter ballot. A second WG16 letter
ballot will be held to determine whether this Committee Draft will
become a Draft International Standard (DIS); this is expected to
happen by April 1996.


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