[4-7] What is Pearl Common Lisp?

When Apple Computer acquired Coral Software in January 1989, they
re-released Coral's Allegro Common Lisp and its optional modules as
Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp (now just Macintosh Common Lisp).
Coral's other product, Pearl Lisp, was discontinued at that time.
Pearl Lisp provides a subset of the functionality of MACL 1.3 and is
not even fully CLtL1-compatible (e.g., the implementation of defstruct is

Despite rumors to the contrary, Pearl Lisp is not and never was public
domain. Nevertheless, Pearl Lisp and its documentation were placed in
the "Moof:Goodies:Pearl Lisp" folder on the first pressing of "Phil
and Dave's Excellent CD", the precursor to the current Apple
Developer's CD-ROM series.  Apple removed Pearl from later versions of
the developer CD-ROM distribution because of complaints from other
Lisp vendors. If you own a copy of Pearl Lisp or a copy of this
CD-ROM, you can make it runnable under System 7 with some slight
modifications using ResEdit.  To repeat, Pearl Lisp is NOT public
domain, so you must own a copy to use it.

To make it runnable, one needs to use ResEdit to make changes to the
BNDL and FREF resources so that it will connect to its icons properly.
This will make it respond to double-clicks in the normal manner and
make it be properly linked to its files. Detailed instructions for
modifying Pearl Lisp using ResEdit may be obtained from the Lisp
Utilities Repository by anonymous ftp from 
as the file pearl.txt.

After you've made the changes, it will run under System 7 on 68000s
and 68030s if you turn off 32-bit addressing. It seems to bomb on a

If you need a more powerful Lisp or one that is compatible with the
standard for Common Lisp, consider purchasing Macintosh Common Lisp.
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