Class i_StepLearner_id


public class i_StepLearner_id
extends NodeInt

A node that uses a reinforcement learning module to learn over time which output to select, given the current state and reward. Differs from i_Learner_id because it calls the learner each step.

For detailed information on how to configure behaviors, see the Clay page.

Copyright (c)1997, 1998 Tucker Balch

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Constructor Summary
i_StepLearner_id(i_ReinforcementLearner_id m, long ms, NodeInt e1, NodeScalar e2)
          Instantiate a reinforcement learning node with a specified learning module.
Method Summary
 int Value(long timestamp)
          Get the value of the node.
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Constructor Detail


public i_StepLearner_id(i_ReinforcementLearner_id m,
                        long ms,
                        NodeInt e1,
                        NodeScalar e2)
Instantiate a reinforcement learning node with a specified learning module.
m - i_ReinforcementLearning_id, the learning module.
ms - long, maximum time to stay in one state.
e1 - NodeInt, a node that provides state information.
e2 - NodeScalar, a node that provides the reinforcement signal.
Method Detail


public int Value(long timestamp)
Get the value of the node.
Value in class NodeInt
timestamp - long, the time of the request.