ACTIVATE: Computational Thinking


Tom's Principles of Computing course (Spring 2012) - A complete college-level intro course for non-majors about computing principles
Exploring CS - A complete introductory course for high school students consisting of six units
CS Principles - A new AP course being developed to reach out to all students
Operational Definition of Computational Thinking for K-12 - What is computational thinking? How do you explain to your principal that every student should know these skills?
ACM K-12 CS Model Curriculum, 2nd Edition - A framework for setting up computing courses for various levels of instruction in K-12
Running On Empty - A report that gives state-by-state data concerning the level of computing instruction for all 50 states (it's not pretty for our region)
Computer Science Teacher Certification Requirements - Reports to illustrate the state of CS teacher certification (and how bad things are for most states)
CSTA Brochure for Policy Makers - Great information to give to your principals and counselors to explain the importance of computing for all students
CSTA Brochures, Posters, Videos and Other Resources - Many visual items to bring computing to life for students
CS Ed Week - Celebrate Grace Hopper's birthday and promote CS in your school with a huge set of resources (Dec 4-10, 2011)
NCWIT (National Center for Women in Information Technology - Resources for teachers and students to encourage more participation by women in the computing field
Women@SCS - From Carnegie Mellon, interviews, resources and materials to increase participation by women in computing fields (led by our friend, Carol Frieze!)
American Computer Science League - A "mathletes" for computer science! And they focus on computer science, not just programming.
Computer History Museum - Take a virtual field trip to a one-of-a-kind museum (or you could drive all of your students to California)

Slides for Classroom Presentations

Computational Thinking and CS Unplugged
Introduction to Algorithms - Exercises, Answers
Algorithm Efficiency (revised) - Exercises, Answers
Computability (revised) - Exercises, Answers
Recursive Thinking (revised) - Exercises, Answers
Randomness (revised)
Cryptography - Exercises (Word .doc file), CaesarShifter

Labs, Exercises and Solutions

Lab 1: Basics, Exercises, Sample Answers
Lab 2: More Loops and Conditionals, Exercises, Sample Answers
Lab 3: Lists, Exercises, Sample Answers
Lab 4: Subroutines, Exercises, Sample Answers
Lab 5: Graphics I, Exercises, Sample Answers
Lab 6: Graphics II, Exercises , Sample Answers
Lab 7: Files, Graphics III Exercises, Sample Answers
Lab 8: Recursion, Exercises, Sample Answers

Fun Computational Thinking Videos

The Friendship Algorithm (The Big Bang Theory) - flowcharts and an infinite loop in a sitcom!
The Colbert Report: Mobius Melt! - recursion and comedy! (start from 4:50)

Files - Simple Python library for graphics (right-click to save) - Set virtual forest fires safely (right-click to save) - Java executable to illustrate cellular automata patterns (right-click to save)
Graphics Module Reference (Zelle)
Python Programming (Zelle) - includes Beta versions of graphics library (including special Mac support) - Download version 2.7 of Python for your own computer
Women@SCS - includes information and material for a CS roadshow