The southern province of Canton, with its mild, semi-tropical climate, grows an abundance of produce all year round: rice,fruit and vegetables enjoy four seasons, while plentiful feed for livestock means that high-quality meat and poultry is abundant. And the long coastline gives access to the rice fishing grounds of the South China Sea with their enormous variety of fish and seafood. No wonder that for centuries the Cantonese have been noted for their sophisticated cuisine, and their keen interest in food. In Canton, people greet each by saying 'Have you eaten? '- literally 'Have you had rice? '- as we would say 'Good morning 'or 'How are you? ' (Go on)

The Food in Canton -- (2/4 Menu)

(South Sea Noodles)

(Fluffy Asparagus Soup with Beef Slices)

(Steamed Scallops in Black Bean Sauce)

(Boneless Duck with Eight Precious Stuffing)

(Braised Broccli or Cauliflower)

(Ginger and Spring Onion Crab)

(Stir-Fried Spring Greens with Garlic)

(Fried Chicken Slices in Lemon Sauce)

(Pomegranate Crispy Prawn Balls)

(Red-Cooked Fish)

(Stir-Fried Minced Chicken on Crispy Rice Noodles)

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