PhD received May 2012
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University

I completed my PhD in May 2012 from the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. My interests are in Arificial Intelligence (AI), Human-Computer Interaction, and Robotics. More specifically, my vision is to improve the usability of intelligent system development and execution. I aim to contribute new data analytics that are more transparent to developers and users as well as new usability techniques to test analytics in real world interactive intelligent applications. In my thesis, I studied how devices can model humans that are present in the environment to determine whether to ask for help, who to ask, and when, and to use human help to complete tasks more effectively (See some videos here). My advisors were Manuela Veloso and Anind Dey.

Selected Videos

  • CoBot on Science Nation CoBot was recently featured on NSF's Science Nation here.
  • Bossa Nova Robot Announced Bossa Nova announced its ballbot platform with compliance perfect for human-robot interaction and human environments. See the video here.
  • CoBot Using the Elevator on Travel Channel CoBot and its ability to ask for help to use the elevator was featured on the Travel Channel's segment of Carnegie Mellon Robotics here. See other videos here.