Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Conferences and Journals

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Note: I've moved on to another job, and I can no longer afford the time to keep this site updated. I recommend IEEE's ParaScope as a good alternative.

A collection of calls for papers and programs for conferences, academic workshops, and journals in the field of supercomputing and parallel computing. There are different views of the data--by acronym, by date, and by deadline.

Conference calls for papers

Conference programs

Journal calls for papers


Most of these pages contain current entries, i.e. calls for papers whose deadlines have not yet expired, and programs for events that have not yet happened. Older entries can be found in the pages for old CFPs and old programs. This can be helpful in tracking down a conference if the CFP has expired but a program hasn't yet appeared.

Recent additions to this page are also available.

The announcements were taken from the comp.parallel and comp.sys.super newsgroups.

Other conference lists

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