Supercomputer and Parallel Computer Vendors

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[Alex] Alex Informatics

[Alta] Alta Technology

[Chen] Chen Systems

[Convex] CONVEX Computer Corporation

[CRI] Cray Research, Inc

[DEC] Digital Equipment Corporation

[Fujitsu] Fujitsu

[HP] Hewlett-Packard

[Hitachi] Hitachi


[ICE] Integrated Computer Engines

[Intel] Intel Supercomputer Systems Division

[Meiko] Meiko


[Parsytec] Parsytec Computer GmbH

[Pyramid] Pyramid

[Sequent] Sequent Computer Systems

[SNI] Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG

[SGI] Silicon Graphics, Inc.

[SCS] Supercomputer Systems Ltd.

[Tera] Tera Computer Company

[TMC] Thinking Machines Corporation

Other vendor lists

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