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Take Robotic Autonomy. Build a vision-based robot rover at NASA/Ames. Learn to make it perform amazing tricks for 7 weeks. Take your robot home and keep it.

A seven-week robotics summer program for high school juniors and seniors to be held at
Carnegie Mellon West
Moffett Field, California
July 1 - August 16, 2002

Welcome to the information page for Robotic Autonomy, a new summer robotics camp offered by Carnegie Mellon University in collaboration with NASA/Ames Research Center. This course will introduce students to the electronics, mechanics and computer science of robotics, culminating in a series of autonomus robot challenges. Students will build, program and operate vision-based mobile robots capable of sophisticated sensing and intelligent decision-making. At the conclusion of the course, each student will take a complete, vision-based robot home so that they may continue to explore robotics on their own.

Robotic Autonomy is a university-level course and Carnegie Mellon will be providing course credit for graduates of the program. Because there are only a limited number of openings this year, the admissions process is rigorous. Start by examining the Course Prerequisites to verify that you have the right background to apply for admission. Then, read the Course Information section to learn about the structure of the course, its location, date range and tuition costs. Finally, go to How to Apply to download and complete the required application form and high school teacher recommendation form. Although those of you who have already applied will be informed of our decision by the end of April, the application deadline for new applications has been extended to June 1, 2002. Contact the instructor with any questions.