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Carnegie Mellon University presents a course in Robotic Autonomy in collaboration with NASA Ames as part of its West Coast Initiative

The most important prerequisite for Robotic Autonomy is intellectual enthusiasm, as demonstrated by your transcript, teacher recommendation letter and extracurricular activities (e.g. robot projects that you may have undertaken). Mechanical and electrical competence are advantageous but not required for this course; we will teach you in these regards.

The second prerequisite is mastery of a computer programming language. For example you should be comfortable with recursive function calls and debugging environments. Your knowledge of computer programming should be apparent from your high school transcript. If it is not, then be sure to include evidence of your programming aptitude by describing a programming project you have completed and including appropriate code fragments with your application.

Finally, because of the limited number of slots this year, Robotic Autonomy expects to admit students who are completing 11th grade this year. However, particularly exceptional Sophomores will also be considered.

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