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Carnegie Mellon University presents a course in Robotic Autonomy in collaboration with NASA Ames as part of its West Coast Initiative

We anticipate a very competitive admissions process, so it is in your best interest to complete the application process as carefully and completely as possible. All documents that we supply are in PDF format, and you should download these documents, print them on paper, fill them out, then send your complete application package to the following mailing address. You will receive notification by email that we have received your application package upon receipt:

Robotic Autonomy Applications
Jean Harpley, NSH 3111
The Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Your application package should contain the following:

  • A completed application form, including responses to the essay questions that should be printed and attached, not handwritten.
  • An official High School transcript, indicating the courses you have taken, your grades in those courses and your year.
  • A check for the amount, $20, payable to Carnegie Mellon University
  • Documentation describing any robotics projects you have undertaken is strongly encouraged, including pictures of your robots as appropriate.
  • If appropriate, a completed Financial Aid form, available here.

In addition, you must download the Teacher Recommendation Form and select a high school teacher who you feel can explain why you are a good candidate for Robotic Autonomy. When you give the recommendation form to your teacher, be sure to fill out the student information section and provide them with a stamped, addressed envelope for the above address. Your teacher should complete the recommendation and mail it separately to Carnegie Mellon University, signing the back of the envelope after sealing it.

The timetable is two-tiered. Early admissions decisions will be provided on May 1, 2002. Thereafter, the application deadline is June 1, 2002. Applications are evaluated, first come first served until 30 students are enrolled.

  • March 1, 2002 - Robotic Autonomy applications are accepted
  • July 1, 2002 - Robotic Autonomy begins at the Ames Research Center
  • August 16, 2002 - Robotic Autonomy finishes, robots and students go home together

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