My travels:

Only two continents to go (see below).
Among Western European countries, only Andorra and San Marino still unvisited!
2015 update: In June 2015 I visited both! Maybe Prague should be next...
2017 update: In May 2017 I visited Prague. Very nice. Maybe Poland next?

The islands/city-states don't show up very well:
Haiti, the Canaries, Hawaii, Key West, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, US and British Virgin Islands, Malta, St Barthelemy (St Barts), St Martin/Sint Maarten,
Anguilla (pronounced "ann-GWILL-ah"!), Turks and Caicos, Hongkong/Macao, Qatar, and Monaco.
I guess Liechtenstein, San Marino, Andorra, and Vatican City are in that category too. And the even smaller Campo Santo Teutonico.
In the "places I've been through" category, Cape Verde wouldn't show up on the map either (on the way back from southern Africa in 2001).
On the other hand, you can't see that I've never been in Rhode Island (the smallest state in the US), as of 2008.

China is so big that I decided to just color in the areas I was in: Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing, and their surroundings.
Similarly for Russia: Chelyabinsk and Moscow, and their surroundings.

I'm not sure how to count the 10 days I spent in the Bahamas in August 2004.
I was on a dolphin research vessel out of sight of land (although you could see the ocean bottom).

I've been to two countries that don't exist anymore: East Germany and Yugoslavia.
Oh, and Hongkong, so that makes three now (okay, so it was just a British Crown colony).
Or four, now that Macao has gone away (former Portugese colony).

Tromsø, Norway is now the closest I've been to either Pole, north of the Arctic Circle at Latitude 69 degrees 40.5 N.
Before that it was Háafell goat farm, Iceland, (2014) at Latitude 64 degrees 42.842 N.
The closest to the Equator (2008) is Puerto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, at 8.5 degrees N.
The highest altitude (while not in an airplane) is Cuzco, Peru, at 11,200 feet.

I went to Hawaii for the great 1991 total eclipse of the sun. It was worth every penny.
I skipped the 1998 total eclipse of the sun in the Caribbean to save up for going to the 21 June 2001 eclipse in tropical Africa.
It was completely wonderful.
My third eclipse was the other end of Africa: 29 March 2006, North Africa and Turkey. Also very cool.
My fourth eclipse was in Shanghai in July 2009. The first one I didn't see, due to clouds.

Concept and original image courtesy of Joseph O'Sullivan (josullvn).