My August 2004 Dolphin Research Trip

As part of our collaboration with the Wild Dolphin Project working towards communication with dolphins, I spent 10 days on the research vessel Stenella with the first prototype of our underwater, ultrasonic recording/synthesizing computer. (The sacrifices we make for science.)

There are pictures of the prototype system on another page.

I recorded roughly 2 gigabytes of dolphin sounds, synthesized sounds, and background sounds. I also got to swim a bit with the dolphins; one of them challenged me to a fight, which I declined.

One nice thing about a catamaran is that there are
two bows for the dolphins to ride.

My home for ten days (with seven other people):

This is the first time I've spent more than a week out of sight of land (in the boxed area at the top left of the map below, on the Little Bahamas Bank).