Fused Deposition Modeling

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The FDM Process
Figure 1: The FDM Process

How the FDM process works

• First, a part model is created in a STL file with AutoCad or another design program..
• The model needs to be imported into Stratasys’ software, Insight.
• The software slices the .stl file into horizontal layers mathematically, generating the required supports.
• Insight creates tool paths required for the extrusion head.
• The system draws cross-sectional layers one at a time in the X, Y, and Z coordinate by using a heated material extrusion process.
How the parts built

• Import the .stl file of part model into Stratasys’ software, Insight, which slices the model into horizontal layers.
• The supports are created if they are needed and the tool paths for the extrusion head are planned.
• ABS material feeds into the temperature-controlled FDM extrusion head, where it is heated to a semi-liquid state.
• The head extrudes and deposits the material in 0.254mm layers onto a fixtureless base, one layer at a time in X and Y coordinates first.
• When the layer is finished, the head moves in Z direction to the next layer.
• Each layer is extruded with precision, and the layers are bonded and solidified.
• The designed object becomes a solid three-dimensional part.