Papers about the Spark98 kernels

The Spark98 tech report:
David R. O'Hallaron, Spark98: Sparse Matrix Kernels for Shared Memory and Message Passing Systems, Technical Report CMU-CS-97-178, October 1997. Abstract (with BibTex citation), PostScript (994k, 20 pages). PDF (1,165k).

Performance model for the Spark98 SMVP operations:
David R. O'Hallaron, Jonathan Richard Shewchuk, and Thomas Gross, Architectural Implications of a Family of Irregular Applications, Fourth IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture, Feb, 1998, Las Vegas, NV, pp. 80-89. Abstract (with BibTex citation), PostScript (1,148k, 10 pages). PDF (1,151k).

An extended version of the paper is available as CMU Tech report CMU-CS-97-189, Nov, 1997. Abstract (with BibTex citation), PostScript (1,251k, 20 pages). PDF (1,400k).

Characterization of the Spark98 meshes:
David R. O'Hallaron and Jonathan Richard Shewchuk, Properties of a Family of Parallel Finite Element Simulations, Technical Report CMU-CS-96-141, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, December 1996. Abstract (with BibTex citation), PostScript (987k, 22 pages). PDF (1,328k).

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