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We continually seek resources to develop new curricula, design and produce software based on these curricula for low-cost devices, pilot these prototypes in collaboration with local communities, and incubate our work for massive scale-up.

Tax-Deductible Donation

The most flexible way to help us advance our mission is to donate cash. Make a donation to us via Carnegie Mellon University's Make a Gift Online website.

  1. Check with your employer if they have a matching contributions policy
  2. In the "Additional Comments" box which appears on the second page (Your Gift) after you have completed the first page (About You), designate that your donation should go to the Human Development Lab headed by Professor Matthew Kam. If there is a specific project or use that your donation should be directed to, kindly indicate in this box too.
  3. After making your generous donation, email us to let us know. We will work with  university accounting to acknowledge your tax-deductible donation


We have rolling opportunities for students and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds to make a difference with their creativity and talents. Volunteers contribute their time to tasks such as: software programming, graphics/animation development, voiceover development, language translation, usability evaluation, field-testing, partnership development and business development.

  1. Email us your resume, portfolio and a statement that explains why you are interested in working with us, as well as the qualities you bring to the team
  2. Given the high volume of unsolicited internship applications we receive from students around the world, we do not review "boilerplate" application materials that almost entirely reuse previous internship applications
  3. Due to the time it takes to coordinate and mentor student volunteers, we are highly selective in looking for applicants who can demonstrate their ability to produce high quality work with minimal supervision

We have a track record in mentoring our dedicated undergraduate student volunteers for graduate school admissions. We attest to their caliber by providing our star performers with strong recommendation letters to accompany their applications to the most competitive graduate programs in the United States and Canada.


We are grateful to our funders for their financial support: Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute, MacArthur Foundation, Microsoft, Nokia, Qualcomm,
U.S. National Science Foundation and Verizon. Some of this support took the form of competitive awards.

Other sponsors include: Intel Undergraduate Research Program at the University of California, Berkeley, Bears Breaking Boundaries 2006 competition at UC Berkeley (prize award in serious games category), Seeqpod (travel support), Sony Creative Software (Sound Forge software license), Wildbit (Beanstalk subversion server) and Wrike (project management facility).

Project Olympus, the incubator unit affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University that accelerates world-class academic research into the development and business stages, has been most generous with their time.

We acknowledge our tremendous debt to our business and academic advisors, as well as the numerous student volunteers who got us to where we are today.

Finally, our thanks go to the parents in the villages and slums who consented to their children participating in our research studies, in the hopes that they -- together with millions of other poor children around the world -- can realize their fullest potentials.


Contact Us

Matthew Kam, PhD
Assistant Professor

Carnegie Mellon University
School of Computer Science
Human-Computer Interaction Institute
5000 Forbes Avenue
Newell Simon Hall, Room 3525
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891, USA

office: +1 (412) 268-9805
twitter: @matthewkam

Children at a pilot school in peri-urban India welcoming us
Children at a pilot school in peri-urban India welcoming us