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RE: Power Issues - Voting Machines

Lesley, the decision to send nightlights was a decsision made by the State
of Georgia without in-put from anyone on the Diebold team. It was a done
deal before we knew about it. We fully understand the electrical issues and
this has been fully covered in our poll worker training and will be covered
in training our rovers.

Norma Lyons
Georgia Team

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> Lesley,
> The group here in Johnson County read an article on the web about the
> nightlights being used in Georgia.  We want everyone to be a huge success
> Georgia, so we wanted to share our concerns.
> The nightlight will only indicate that the booth is receiving electricity,
> it will not indicate that the machine is actually getting electricity.  We
> don't want any one to be blindsided by a voting machine going down
> unexpectedly.  If the voting machine is not plugged into the booth - the
> machine will lose power.....the nightlight will not indicate that problem.
> We have experienced situations where a row of machines are plugged into
> other and all say "charging" except the first one in line, which is
> directly into the wall.  This situation required a lot of jiggling inside
> the booth where the machine plugged into the booth.
> My loud and clear message to all election workers is to check the
> button periodically throughout the day on all machines - someone could
> accidentally dislodge a plug on the exterior of the booth or on the
> interior.
> Please pass along our concerns to those involved with the training in
> Georgia.
> Connie