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Fw: Power Issues - Voting Machines


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From: "Schmidt, Connie, ELC" <Connie.Schmidt@jocoks.com>
To: <lesleytdiebold@earthlink.net>
Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2002 5:48 PM
Subject: Power Issues - Voting Machines

> Lesley,
> The group here in Johnson County read an article on the web about the
> nightlights being used in Georgia.  We want everyone to be a huge success
> Georgia, so we wanted to share our concerns.
> The nightlight will only indicate that the booth is receiving electricity,
> it will not indicate that the machine is actually getting electricity.  We
> don't want any one to be blindsided by a voting machine going down
> unexpectedly.  If the voting machine is not plugged into the booth - the
> machine will lose power.....the nightlight will not indicate that problem.
> We have experienced situations where a row of machines are plugged into
> other and all say "charging" except the first one in line, which is
> directly into the wall.  This situation required a lot of jiggling inside
> the booth where the machine plugged into the booth.
> My loud and clear message to all election workers is to check the
> button periodically throughout the day on all machines - someone could
> accidentally dislodge a plug on the exterior of the booth or on the
> interior.
> Please pass along our concerns to those involved with the training in
> Georgia.
> Connie