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Ballot Station 4.3.11 Fatal Error Message


This message came up on one of our early voting AVTS units running BS

"Fatal Error: Failed to set registry entry EnableDHCP.  System will

Pressing "OK" on the dialogue window, shuts down the AVTS unit but the
message reappears when the unit restarts.  We turned off the unit and so far
(4 hours) the message has not returned.

Why does the message appear?

This unit is an early voting unit and is one of the units I have run
extensive tests on.  I have probably used it before, with a PCMCIA NIC card
so I can accept it if the answer to my question is that I have stuck a NIC
card into that machine.

It is a bigger problem though, if all of our 4000 AVTS units have the
possibility of getting that message on the election day, in the field.

Take care,

rob chen