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AVTS/BS 4.1.11/WinCE 2.1.2 soft reboot?

Can anyone shed light on this?

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From: "Schmidt, Connie, ELC" <Connie.Schmidt@jocoks.com>
To: "'Lesley Thompson (earthlink)'" <lesley@dieboldes.com>
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2002 11:39 AM
Subject: AVTS/BS 4.1.11/WinCE 2.1.2 soft reboot?

> Lesley,
> We have some questions that I hope you can find answers.
> Here is the scenario:
> A voter inserted their voter card in a touchscreen.  Somehow the voter
> was ejected without the cast ballot being pushed...immediately after the
> machine audit tape indicates that the machine was rebooted - however, the
> machine was never turned off and on.  The Supervising Judge (SJ) has the
only key
> and has instructions to not turn the machines off if there is a reported
> problem.  They know to just close the lid and call our office.  That
> location has had several of the problem machines this time and the SJ has
> been following those instructions.
> Our internal brainstorming leads us to this conclusion.

Because of the voter receipt and the date and time stamp in ESM for the
computerized voter
> checkin we are able to determine which voter experienced this problem.  It
> is an elderly voter - we telephoned the voter to do a "voter satisfaction
> survey" - they loved the system and placed their voter card in the plastic
> container and received their "I Voted" sticker on the way out.

This leads us to believe that the voter's ballot appeared on the screen -
the precinct
> was validated to the voter receipt by the machine judge and the voter
> receipt was placed in the brown envelope for that voting machine.
> during voting the machine did an internal reboot and ejected the voter
> to the voter.  The voter is elderly and simply took the card and placed it
> in the container and left.

The machine log indicates that the vote was not
> cast and that the machine was turned back on.  The SJ did not open the
> swinging door and turn the machine off and on.

I am concerned about this -
> can you check with your software folks and get an answer for us.  This
> appears to be something like a soft reboot happening within the machine
> which triggers the voter card to eject just like physically turning the
> machine off and on or pushing the Cast Ballot button.

As you will recall,
> we had several instances in August where the machine ejected the voter
> after the voter voted for just one candidate.  We understand that this
> problem was also reported by other jurisdictions in their September
> primaries.
> We need your assistance to problem solve this one.
> Thanks..Connie