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RE: New Employee

Welcome aboard, Donna.
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Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 2:04 PM
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Please welcome Donna Caylor to the Customer Service Team.  Donna officially started on Monday, October 14, and is based in the McKinney office.  Her role will be focused on Customer Service (CS) Operations.  Major responsibilities include: 
 - assisting with proposal preparations
 - developing processes and procedures for reporting billable customer service activity
 - maintain service related pricing and communicating that pricing both internally & externally
 - interface between project managers and the internal order fulfillment processes
 - develop & coordinate a hardware preventive maintenance program
 - provide a communication focal point within CS when I am not available
Donna comes to Diebold Elections with over 15 years of experience, primarily with EDS and Nortel Networks.  Please welcome her to the team!

Steve Moreland
Director of Customer Service
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.