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RE: New Employee

Steve Moreland
Director of Customer Service
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
Lyon Co. Kansas has a Dell G1 Optiplex that needs to be reconfigured here in McKinney..  Adkins has done a complete reinstall of the system to try and fix a modem problem, it didn't work. They are directly connected to the county network and have a dual hard drive system that runs as a workstation or as a NT server, if they are running GEMS that day. We must get them into a server that has not been comprimised, square one. Can you discuss this with Rob and authorize equioment as a loaner for election in Nov and then return both systems here to McKinney so that we can do the reconfig and test of their G1 Optiplex.
Jeff Hallmark
Diebold Election Systems
972 542 6000 x157