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JoCoKs TS Problem

Johnson County Kansas has begun their advance voting period today and they are keeping me apprised of issues as they arise. 
BS 4.1.11/WinCE 2.1   Election Mode/Advance Voting
Has anyone had the following issue and any better way to solve and/or prevent? 
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From: "Schmidt, Connie, ELC" Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2002 3:44 PM
Subject: FW: Northeast

> Lesley,  for your info.........we will gather all of this information into a
> spreadsheet and forward to you periodically during advance voting, but I
> wanted you to know of the problems that we are having - if you or others
> have suggestions on this issues, please let me know.  Connie
> >
> > A third machine at Northeast  has had a problem with the voter card.  A
> > voter was able to load a ballot and vote, but as they pressed CAST BALLOT
> > an error message appeared reading
> >
> >
> > The voter was directed to use another machine.  The power to the problem
> > machine was left on with the voter card stuck inside and the error message
> > displayed.  The machine previously had one vote counted.  This voter would
> > have made two.
> >
> > This error has been determined to be related to the voter card in the
> > past.  Perhaps as the ballot was being cast, during the erasure of the
> > voter card, an error occurred writing to the card.  This could create an
> > unknown card for the system and a resulting error as above.  The card can
> > be re-formatted using the diagnostic card reader test.  This method has
> > been used to correct this error when it has been observed in the
> > warehouse.  The voting machine will accept valid cards and continue to
> > function normally.  The card in error can be encoded and considered valid
> > after formatting.  To determine if the card reader itself is a fault would
> > require additional diagnostics, better left to a less public location.
> >
> > TF