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RE: PLEASE REVIEW & COMMENT: JoCoKs AVOS Central Count Scanner Diagonstics Checklist

There is no need to unplug the feeder while you're running a printer test.  It has no impact on the test.
BTW:  You might want to recharge the battery on the units after this test plan, as you would have drained the battery considerably by running three printer tests on battery power.
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Subject: PLEASE REVIEW & COMMENT: JoCoKs AVOS Central Count Scanner Diagonstics Checklist

Dear fellow support staff, below is Johnson County's current checklist for AVOS scanner diagnostics prior to central count.  I need this reviewed to make sure it includes all the diagnostic type items that need to be tested.  Thanks in advance for any and all help granted.  Lesley

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Scanner Number:


JoCoKs Scanner Diagnostics Checklist - AccuVote-OS Central Count


Night Before


Turn on scanner to charge battery - leave on overnight

Test Day


Turn scanner off


Check that printer has sufficient paper -

Replace paper roll with AccuVote off


Turn on Feeder


Hold down Y & N buttons while turning AccuVote on

Release when display comes up

Scanner is now in Diagnostics Mode


Test Network? - Y


        Set Baud rate to 9600? - N


        Set Baud rate to 19200? - Y


Logging In Message


Connecting Message


        Echo Connection Test? - N


        Test Network - N


Test LCD Display? - Y


        Test Continuous? - N


Test System Memory? - Y


        Test Continuous? - N


Test Printer? UNPLUG power from AccuVote and Feeder, then - Y

(Low Power message will flash while unplugged - this is OK)


        Repeat Test - Y (total of 3 tests)


Check tape for legible output


Plug power back in


        Repeat Test - N


Test Main Serial Port? - N


Test Auxiliary Serial Port? - N


Test Ballot Deflector? - N


Test Ballot Reader - Y


        Test with Auto feeder? - Y


Insert Diagnostic Ballot in Reader - run card through four times -

on the 5th time, hold down Y to get report


        Turn ballot over & repeat on other side


(Each report will show number of ballots read, length = 41,

% of values - look for 100% and 0% on each test)


Turn AccuVote and Feeder OFF


Check for sufficient paper - replace if necessary


Replace ribbon if necessary


Tested by: