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Johnson County, Kansas had been receiving a "BAD CHECKSUM" message intermitted on one of their 32mg AVOS cards.  We replaced all four of their AVOS 32mg cards with AVOS 128mg cards.  Now Kris is getting the "BAD CHECKSUM" message on all of the 128mg cards.  As I understand it, in using the AVOS in a central count environment with each scanner connected to the internal network, the main function of the AVOS card is to hold the IP address in memory, meaning that if the cards are not working the worst that is happening is that the IP address has to be re-entered every time want to transmit.  Two questions:
1. What is causing the "BAD CHECKSUM" message and how do we fix it?
2. Is the AVOS card doing anything other than holding the IP address in a network connected central count setting?