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RE: Gems Audit Trail - GEMS 1.18.10

Moving over to support.

There are two separate logs, the AV Server log, and the Poster log.
They log separate events.  One logs communication with the AccuVote.
One logs counters as they are posted to the database.

If there is something you want added, removed, or changed in either of
these logs, lets us know which log, and what you need changed, and we'll
see what we can do.


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Subject: Gems Audit Trail - GEMS 1.18.10

I am reviewing an Alameda GEMS audit trail for our CAL SOS AVOS
and notice that we use the terminology in the audit trail "download"
when we
create a card.  Rather than using "upload" in the log to designate the
uploading of data, we use the terms:
"Poster Completed" and "Poster Completed Clear".

This confuses me somewhat.  If this is related to "uploads" could we be
consistent in our usage, so that "upload and download" are used rather