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Technical Training

Maryland is committed to 13 technicians for election day support.  We are
creating a Technical Training Class to train these technicians.  The
Counties will also be sending their technicians to this class.

The objective is to prepare technicians for everything that they might
encounter on election day.  I started with a thorough poll worker class, and
added all the "what if's".  This is still in draft form, but I could use
some help.  Jeff Hallmark and I will be teaching the first class on July 8,
which is just around the corner.

Please look over the attached documents.  One is the outline.  The other is
our guide for training.  As you can see from the yellow highlight, I still
have a lot of procedures to write.  If you have any, please send them my

Also - did I get all the what if's?  What else could go wrong that we can
plan for?

(We are using TS6 and BS 4.1.6)

I appreciate your input.  Once complete, I will redistribute so that
everyone can have the final version.  (I'm planning to write a Manual, which
will follow later in July.  Send screen shots of problems if you have them!)


Sue Page
Maryland Project Manager
Diebold Election Systems, Inc.
cell 443-404-9621


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